Paul J. Coughlin, Jr.

Washington, D.C.

Paul J. Coughlin, Jr., with his wide variety of executive management and legal and government positions, uses his extensive experience in business management, law, and government to successfully direct the turnaround of companies in crisis situations. Paul is best known for his successful turnaround of Eastmet Corporation, its Eastern Stainless Steel Division and Industrial Products Group. As President and Chief Executive Officer, he was successfully able to redirect the corporation out of Chapter 11 proceedings and into a viable and growing organization.

Since joining GGG Partners, Paul has served as a senior officer or advisor to a number of companies in various sectors ranging from computer software to heavy manufacturing. Within the last two years, he has served as a financial advisor to the Oneida Indian Tribe of Wisconsin, as a member of the CRO team for a bankrupt textile company, as President and CEO of two professional services companies in the fuel handling and power generation markets, and as the financial advisor to a corrugated box company. He serves on a number of corporate boards, as well as on the advisory boards of two private equity funds.

Paul served earlier as General Counsel and Vice President – Washington Affairs for Union Pacific Corporation, a multi-billion dollar diversified holding company. He also served as special consultant to the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, and as a staff member of the Secretary of State’s Commission on Security and Economic Assistance.

Prior to joining GGG Partners in 1993, Paul was president, chief executive officer, and Chairman of the Board of Washington Aluminum Company, a fabricator of custom aluminum products. He also served as Chairman of the Board of Tri Fab, Inc., a specialty fabricator; Empire Steel Castings, Inc., a specialty steel foundry; and M.P. Moller, Inc., a manufacturer of musical instruments.


Mr. Coughlin holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics from Georgetown University, a law degree from Columbia University Law School, and has completed the Harvard Business School’s Advanced Management Program.


Office: (404) 256-0003

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