Sam Horgan


Sam Horgan has over 30 years of financial and operational experience with both public and private enterprises in a broad set of service and manufacturing industries. He began his career with a Fortune 100 company where he was involved in both accounting and plant operational management. He has held the positions of CFO, COO and CEO of various sized firms, including several multi-national public listed companies. Many times Mr. Horgan has been called upon to help build or rebuild a business’s internal finance, IT and other back office infrastructure. He has led the successful implementation of several enterprise systems in order to minimizing complexity while achieving new levels of growth.

Mr. Horgan has significant M&A experience having been involved in over 40 transactions valued in excess of 800 million dollars. He has also successfully led several restructuring efforts including a $700 million services firm. As COO and CRO of a regional construction firm looking to continue its expansion, Mr. Horgan gained extensive industry experience and a successful turnaround.

In addition, Mr. Horgan supported a chemical company in both its pre- and post-bankruptcy filing needs through by selling off its key salable assets in preparation for liquidation. But liquidation is not where Mr. Horgan begins setting out to fix a company. He has negotiated DIP funding and restructured debt and leasing agreements in order to avoid bankruptcy, and he has also worked with various taxing and other regulatory authorities to help reposition a company for future success.

Recently, Mr. Horgan was involved in a GGG Partners team commissioned to wind-down a large regional building supplier with significant bank debt. He was involved in the restructuring and stabilization of several distressed over-the-road freight haulers in the mid-west. Mr. Horgan has served as the advisor to several firms as they evaluated their options for repositioning themselves to meet changing market conditions.

Mr. Horgan is a hands on executive with strong and unique leadership skills. He is comfortable dealing with all facets of business personnel, from rank and file employees to boards of directors and various outside constituencies. He possesses both strong operational experience as well as strong strategic planning skills.


Business Administration, Youngstown State University


Office: (404) 256-0003 ext. 228