Private Systems Integration Company

Situation The Company began operating in 2001 and experienced significant growth through the provision of both systems integration and professional services to customers across the Southeastern United States. However, two natural disasters in 2017 significantly altered the trajectory of the Company. Firstly, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Company’s primary supplier assembly facilitiy in Texas, causing a litany of problems that were largely beyond the immediate control of management. Shortly afterwards, Hurricane Maria swept through Puerto Rico and handicapped the supplier’s global logistics facility. The Company worked quickly to identify and utilize alternative supply sources, but the integration of such systems in a time efficient manner proved to be a challenging effort. [...]

Pinnacle Towers, Inc

Situation Pinnacle Towers, Inc. (NASDAQ: BIGT), a 200 million dollar revenue provider of wireless communications space, was planning to file for Chapter 11 under the Bankruptcy Code to restructure their balance sheet. Action GGG worked with Pinnacle as their internal advisor in preparation for, and during, the pre-arranged bankruptcy proceedings to maximize returns to all parties. Results The syndicate of senior lenders received a full pay out as part of the plan reorganization approved by the Bankruptcy Court.

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