We are experts who swiftly analyse a situation, make recommendations and to implement change.
We offer a new set of eyes, skills and understanding to independently evaluate a client’s
circumstances. To begin we gather information, evaluate it for accuracy and analyse it quickly so
questions can be addressed openly with management and owners.

The initial process focuses on the following questions:

  • Is there a reason for the business to exist?
  • Are there sources of cash available for a recovery?
  • How can we support owners and management through the process?

We discuss our analysis openly with the client: if the answer to one of the initial questions is “no”
we look at the parameters of our engagement. Should we be engaged? How does the business
mitigate potential losses for all parties involved through a sale or other form of transaction.

Our process involves:

  • Fact finding
  • Analysis of the facts
  • Planning
  • Implementation

We tend to immediately focus on cash as this is the ‘life blood’ of a business: we are very creative
on finding sources of cash to get through a turnaround.

We often have a role in communicating with stakeholders: banks, lenders, vendors and landlords
as these relationships sometimes become strained. We act efficiently as an intermediary with these third
parties in order to add calm, a sense of perspective and present a plan or bad news with clarity.

After the plan has been developed our on-going role takes many forms from day-to- day
management to lighter touch board advisory. It is critical that business owners and management
have complete ‘buy in’ to the plan.

We are not long-term players in a business. Our role is to get in, make a difference and get out.
This is efficient, fast and effective.


We can resolve your challenges quickly, so give us a call and let’s get started.