Plymarts, Inc

Situation Plymarts, Inc. was a 350 million dollar forest product business located in Atlanta, Georgia. The company had three subsidiaries including lumber yards, a custom stair business, and a specialty design and installation business.  Swept into the perfect financial storm of 2008, Plymarts had 50% of its builder receivables deemed uncollectable, which resulted in their default on both asset-based and real estate loans. Action GGG was appointed as Director of Reorganization and subsequently became the Federal Receiver in oder to oversee the sale of the company’s assets.  Successfully selling certain business segments, GGG closed 11 lumber yards, consolidated and sold inventory, and collected receivables Results Due to the swift actions [...]

Highway Construction

Situation A heavy highway construction company focused on a shrinking residential housing market wanted to reposition itself into the public bid utilities market in order to survive.  Since the company’s strategies, operations management approach and financials did not support the shift into the desired market, they hired GGG as consultants. Action GGG provided a combination of operational, strategic and financial consulting services to guide the restructure of the company and meet its desired new market goals.  The actions taken included selling excess equipment, restructuring debt agreements and management reporting, as well as introducing new metrics to insure the success of the company. Results With the help of GGG, Highway Construction [...]

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