During a corporate crisis, specialized management skills are required to head off and reverse a company’s downward trajectory. GGG professionals stabilize and improve client operations and rebuild viable and profitable corporate entities.

By successfully assessing a company’s operations, processes, assets, financial condition and overall structure, GGG leverage their extensive operations and finance experience to:

  • Develop an effective Business Recovery Plan
  • Improve cash flow by implementing realistic cost-cutting measures
  • Stabilize relationships with creditors, vendors and employees
  • Create retention plans that ensure employee and company goal alignment
  • Turnaround or divest under-performing segments of the businesses
  • Restore profitability

A company in crisis needs skilled and experienced leadership to identify profitable core capabilities, size operations and motivate and retain employees and talent. GGG provides clear actionable objectives, delegates responsibility, and gives problem-solving authority to managers.  The result is a restoration of employee confidence, a key ingredient in any successful turnaround. With a strong management team in possession of direction and purpose, companies can stabilize and return to profitability.

The failure to meet financial goals coupled with cash flow issues erodes credibility with lenders, vendors, and employees. GGG addresses critical issues and manages expectations throughout the development and implementation of a Business Recovery Plan. The result is a restoration of confidence by all parties affiliated with the company in question, a return to profitability, and the desire to move forward enthusiastically.


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