Benton-GA, Inc., a utility contractor, experienced a booming business when the economy was expanding.  However, after many years of profitability, unprofitable long-term contracts with major customers resulted in severe declines in cash flow and ultimately the business overall.  The company’s position meant that it was unsustainable, and this put the operations of the utility company’s customers in jeopardy.


Working closely with the owners of the company, GGG fulfilled roles as an advisor and CFO. This allowed GGG and Benton-GA to work through, or abandon, unprofitable contracts and ultimately reengineered the cost structure to accommodate prevailing economic conditions.  Product lines were eliminated, vendor debt was renegotiated, a forbearance agreement with the senior lender was executed, and a long-term contract with a key customer was solidified.


Benton-Georgia, Inc. shifted from a significant loss to positive cash flow after 16 months.  Bank debt was significantly reduced, and a new two-year bank loan was executed.

TMA Turnaround of the Year Award

GGG Received the SMALL COMPANY TURNAROUND OF THE YEAR AWARD in 2008 from the Atlanta Chapter of the TURNAROUND MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION (TMA) for its work with Benton-GA, Inc.